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Portland Perks: Handmade Bike & Beer Festival Oct 7-8, 2016

Yay for fun Portland events!

Check out this Portland Perks deal for the Handmade Bike & Beer Festival!



Price: $29 (Regular Price $50)


The ninth annual Handmade Bike and Beer Festival is a collaboration between the Oregon Bicycle Constructors Association (OBCA) and the Oregon Brewers Guild. This family friendly, event pairs renowned bike frame and parts builders with great, local craft beer.

Show Dates:

Friday-Saturday, October 7-8, 2016

Bike Show Hours:

Friday, Oct 7 from 5pm-9pm
Saturday, Oct 8 from 10am-8pm


  • This offer includes admission to the event!
  • Presenting Sponsor: Point West Credit Union
  • Presented by: Oregon Bicycle Constructor Association and the Oregon Brewers Guild
  • Major Beer Sponsor: Baerlic Brewing Co. Base Camp Brewing Co., Hopworks Urban Brewery, Pyramid Breweries, Widmer Brothers Brewing Co.
  • Beer Sponsor: Falling Sky Brewing


Please print voucher and redeem at The North Warehouse on either October 7th or 8th.


Offer is valid for admission, 2 glasses and 20 drink tickets only.
Must be 21 or older to redeem voucher.
21+ to drink – 1 person per glass – Cash only.
Expires 10/8/16.


North Warehouse 723 N. Tillamook Street
Portland, Oregon, 97227, US
Happy beer drinking and bike looking (no riding)!
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Beaver Football and Apple Sauce

Howdy friends.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! The weather around here was perfect. Around 77 and sunny all weekend long. Can’t beat that for the last weekend in September.

We spent Saturday at the OSU Beaver football game. Sadly OSU lost, but it was still a ton of fun since I haven’t been to a game since graduation in 2011. A bunch of our friends were there and we tailgated and played yard games all afternoon.

On Sunday I spent the day in the garden and picking apples from our tree. I decided to give apple sauce making a try since our tree is dripping with beautiful red apples (I am not sure of the variety but they taste really good).

a ap appl

The apple sauce turned out great! I added pumpkin pie spice to it and a small pinch of brown sugar. It is sweet and spicy and oh so delicious.

Our chickens also had a big day on Sunday when we finally got two eggs!


We have been getting one small egg every three or so days for the past few weeks. Now we will get two small eggs! Basically both eggs together equal a normal size egg but who cares 🙂

Happy Monday!

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Farmers Market: Frugal Friday

Each Friday I write about something I did, bought, made or didn’t do that helps us continue our frugal life. My goal? To show that being frugal doesn’t have to mean going without or making huge changes. Being frugal is about being mindful and intentional with what we buy, what we make and how we spend our precious time. Why be frugal? Because we work hard for our money and our time is valuable. So why shouldn’t we get the most out of it!

Happy Friday!

Yay! We made it!

We have had a long week here at the Lorenzen house so I am very happy the weekend is almost here.

Weekends are valuable time for us. With working full time, fitness schedules and various other activities, it is rare we have a weekend without someone visiting or some event to go to. While our weekends can be slammed full of activities to do, we always try to make it a point to go to the farmers market.


Portland Farmers Market. Photo by WWW.Neighborhoodnotes.com. 

Farmers markets are very popular here in Oregon. Pretty much each town has a farmers market or Saturday market of some kind. Our favorite market is in a neighboring town where we used to live and we go to it almost every weekend.

While farmers market’s may not be a place to save money, I do believe they are worth the cost. At our local market we have three farms that bring fresh produce, a woman who makes soap, an older couple that grow vegetable plant starts, a family that creates beautiful jewelry and a food truck owned by a local guy. Everything is local and all the money stays local.

We try to buy the majority of our fresh food at the market during the spring/summer/fall seasons (what doesn’t now come from the garden). Not only are we supporting our local community, but the food is fresh and we know where it comes from. Another huge draw of the market is that we feel very connected to our community. We know our local farmers and our community members, which helps us feel more integrated into our local economy. I also believe that the more we support our local community the better chance we have of creating a thriving economy.

Another perk of a farmers market is it forces you to cook with what is in season. You are not going to find avocados in April at an Oregon farmers market. I find when I cook with what is in season I surprise myself with new and inventive recipes. It also helps us discover delicious food we never knew about.

While the purpose of Frugal Friday is to highlight time and money saving activities/tips, I also believe in giving back to our local community and supporting our “home base”. While apples might be on sale for $.99lb at Safeway, I am willing to pay $1.25 if I know my apples were grown in the orchard behind my house. Promoting a healthy, sustainable community has a ripple effect and it can help influence other areas such as education, employment and overall community health. While the term “Buy Local” might be over used, it does promote the healthy practice of supporting those around us to create a thriving community and sustainable economy.

Money Saved: The prices at our market are about the same as the grocery store. During certain seasons the food is cheaper like apples in the fall and lettuce in the summer.

Time Saved: We don’t spend any extra time going to the market as it is right by the grocery store we frequent.

Happy Shopping!

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Thursday Vibes

Sorry for the silence and lack of posts. This week has been widely busy!

My goal?

Make it through today and tomorrow in once piece!


Happy Friday Eve

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REI Garage: Extra 25% Off Four Brands (Patagonia, Marmot, Mountain Hardware & Under Armour)


The preparations for our trip to Australia & New Zealand keep plugging along here at the Lorenzen house. Once we decided to make the trip a reality the first thing I did was take inventory of our backpacking/travel gear. Sadly most of what we have is REALLY old and not in the best condition. I decided that this trip was a great opportunity to invest in some new, higher quality items so that they will last us for years (and trips!) to come.

One site I have been using to find great deals is the new REI Garage. This was formally REI outlet.

Right now they have an extra 25% off four select brands:

Patagonia, Marmot, Mountain Hardware and Under Armour.

This is a great place to purchase discounted clothing/outdoor equipment but still get the quality you except from REI.


Happy Deal Hunting!

I am not affiliated with REI- just spreading the word about a good deal when I see it! 

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Just Keep Reading: Outlander (Book one)

So you probably remember my multiple week rant about reading the giant 800 page book…

and my complaining…

and comments about probably never finishing it…


The good news: I finished it!

The bad news: It is book one of eight.

The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon is a romance/adventure/time travel/historical fiction set in the early 1900’s England. The first book, titled Outlander, follows the main character, Claire, who finds herself on her second honeymoon after a long separation from her husband due to the war. This second honeymoon changes her fate when she is transported back in time to 1700’s Scotland. There she finds danger, fear, adventure and most importantly love.

I can’t give much more away because you need to read the book(s) and I’m not one to be a spoiler. That being said this book is filled with action, adventure and love. I had nights I couldn’t stop reading and plowed through a 100+ pages while other nights I could only read a few pages.

I am well into the second book and I’m hooked. Now let me be clear, I am not normally one for fiction. Especially fiction that is also laced with a bit of mystery and action. I started reading this series because my husband and I watched the first season of the STARZ show based on the book and really enjoyed it. Since it is pretty well known that the book is almost always better than the movie/show, I had to read the books to find out. I have found this to be true of this series in that the books are much better than the show, although the show is very entertaining.

Overall I’m glad I found this series because it forces me out of my comfort zone. This not my normal reading selection but I’m enjoying it as a change of pace.

Now the question of the day is: How long will it take me to finish all eight books?

Happy Reading!

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To DIY Or Not To DIY?: Chicken Coop Nesting Box Curtains

Me: Will you help me with a project?

Husband: Sure what tools do I need?

Me: A measuring tape, scissors and a staple gun.

Husband: Okay. What are we making?

Me: Curtains for the chicken coop.

Husband: …Seriously?

Me: Seriously!


Yes ladies and gentleman I decided I wanted to add just a few more extra touches to the chicken coop.

Hello nesting box curtains.

Since we got our first egg last week I have been examining the nesting boxes to make sure they were still going to work for the ladies. When we built the coop we added the boxes on to the original design, so we made them nice and spacious so even the bigger girls could fit. One thing we didn’t think of doing was making them private.

I read online that chickens like privacy…I guess I would to if I was pushing an egg out once a day! 

As our one single lady is now laying every few days I noticed her eggs were all over the nesting box. In some cases they have been on the bare floor because she kicks all the hay out the of way. I realized we didn’t have a sold casing around the bottom of each box so her eggs were rolling out onto the main nesting area where they could get trampled on and broken.

On Sunday while we were working in the yard I asked my husband to put a 2×4 board up along the front so the boxes would be completely cased in.

After he did that I got the idea for the curtains.

Step 1: I rummaged through a box of old fabric and found a floral pattern with enough yardage to make two panels, one for each side of the double boxes.

Step 2: I cut two pieces of fabric big enough to cover the front of each double box.

Step 3: I stapled them up top and cut a small slit down the middle of each individual box. I also cut a middle slit to allow the center divider to be seen.

Step 4: Taking each side of the fabric I then nicely pleated it to make it look like pulled back drapes. Using the staple gun I stapled the curtains to each side of the box, still allowing a large enough opening for the girls to get in.


The board across the front is what my husband added that sparked this crazy curtain idea. 

Step 5: I went through and made sure they were secure and stapled anywhere that needed reinforcement.


That is a fake “training” egg. The real ones we get are teeny tiny! 

After all was said and done I added some extra coconut husk lining to the bottom of each box and placed shavings & straw to make it a bit more squishy. I even added some lavender sprigs from the garden to make it smell good!

Items Purchased: None. Everything came from my pile of “extra” stuff.

Total Cost: Free! Well kind of…I purchased the fabric long ago so I guess I spent some money, but I’ve had that fabric for close to 10 years so I don’t think it counts!

Happy DIYing!

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Monday Madness

Happy Monday!

We had a quick and very uneventful weekend. Both my husband and I had to work Saturday, so the week felt kind of long and drawn out.

Sunday we did the norm: grocery shopping, yard work and gardening. I finished planting the garlic for the springtime and harvested a bunch of tomatoes and eggplant. Now I just need to decide what to do with all the eggplant we have. I think next year I will plant one eggplant plant instead of two, as we cannot eat it fast enough!

Our little fall sproutlings are popping up. I’m excited for all our kale, radishes and beets, oh my!

We also got our second egg yesterday. I checked the nesting boxes around 11AM and there wasn’t anything there. I went back after we ran errands around 1PM and poof! a little brown egg.


As of right now only one of our chickens is laying (I can’t figure out which one) and she is only laying one egg every few days. 

I spent the greater part of the afternoon yesterday updating the nesting boxes and adding some details to the inside of the coop. I will write about the updates in my next DIY or Not To DIY? post. Hopefully the improvements make the girls want to lay more!

Today starts a very busy week for me, including an extra shift on Saturday.

One day at a time right?

The weather is looking beautiful this week here in PDX!

Have a wonderful week!

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Using Craigslist For Deals: Frugal Friday

Each Friday I write about something I did, bought, made or didn’t do that helps us continue our frugal life. My goal? To show that being frugal doesn’t have to mean going without or making huge changes. Being frugal is about being mindful and intentional with what we buy, what we make and how we spend our precious time. Why be frugal? Because we work hard for our money and our time is valuable. So why shouldn’t we get the most out of it!

Happy Friday!

Today is actually my Thursday as I had yesterday off. I work Saturday so my week is a little mixed up.

Yesterday I spent the day hiking with a good friend along the Columbia River Gorge. It was beautiful, sunny and so wonderful to do a long hike while it wasn’t so crowded and the weather was still nice.

One thing I did before we went hiking was I met a woman in the parking lot of a Target and bought a backpack.

Wait what?

We are in full prep mode for our trip to Australia/New Zealand next spring, which means gathering a few clothing/travel items we need for the trip. One thing my husband and I both need are backpacking packs. Since we will be traveling all over both countries having backpacks is the easiest and most convenient way for us to travel. We also needed some that would allow us to go on some overnight backpacking hikes back here in Oregon.

While we were in Bend last weekend we went and measured ourselves at REI and looked at a few different brands. After some time we both finally decided we wanted OSPREY bags because of the durability and fit.

With our sizes and pack choices written down I went on a mission to find them cheaper online. After searching multiple sites I ended up finding a backpack listed on Craigslist that was close to what I wanted. It is a bit smaller in terms of packing space, but not by that much. The woman selling it wore it once and had no further use for it.

I messaged her during work on Wednesday and we agreed to meet in the morning the next day so I could look at the bag.

The bag fit great and was in excellent condition. She probably paid close to $229 for this bag and sold it to me for $100 because she had no use for it. What a steal!


Same bag I purchased only mine is in Blue

When we looked at bags at REI we were looking at spending over $200 for each of our bags. While I was willing to do this for a good quality bag, I had a bit of sticker shock at just how expensive nice backpacks can be. $100 is a lot easier on the budget and I got the same quality bag I would have if I purchased it straight from REI.

This is not the first time I have used Craigslist. I have actually purchased many items, and sold many items, on the website. We even found Gary the rooster a new home via Craigslist. I know some people who are fearful of the website, or of meeting random people and exchange goods/money. I have never had any issues with it and have not felt worried or scared when I meet people to sell or buy an item.

My Craigslist Tips:

-Aways communicate via e-mail first. If you feel comfortable giving your phone number after some communication to help facilitate the meeting then go for it. If not just use e-mail. I never post my phone number or address on my ads for selling items.

-Only meet in well travelled areas during the day. I always meet in the parking lot of a big store with lots of other people/cars. Sometimes I bring my husband just in case.

-Always bring cash and/or establish the price before meeting. There is nothing worse then wasting yours or someone else’s time by not buying/selling the item because of a price disagreement.

-Be patient. I have had things listed on Craigslist for months. It just takes one person looking to buy that one item or for your perfect item to be posted.

While I do most of my shopping online, I do use craigslist pretty regularly. We have saved a lot of money by buying used or new on craigslist and it helps another person/family make some money and get rid of an unwanted item. Anytime I’m shopping for a big ticket item I always check craigslist to see if someone local is trying to sell that very item. In most cases I can save over 50% off MSRP buy purchasing from someone locally.

Money Saved: I have saved hundreds and made hundreds by buying and selling on Craigslist.

Time Saved: You do use a little bit of time just due to the fact that you have to drive and meet someone to exchange the item(s). I always offer to meet halfway or on my way home from work. If that doesn’t work I will plan a trip and tack on a grocery store run or another errand to make the trip worth it. I normally don’t have to travel very far and most people are willing to compromise and meet halfway.

Happy Friday and good luck with Craigslist!

I am not a Craigslist affiliate and am not compensated in anyway by them. I just like saving money 🙂

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Nordstrom Summer Clearance Sale

NORDSTROM -  Shop the Summer Clearance Sale for Men, Women & Kids through September 11


Yay Nordstrom Sale!

Now is a great time to pick up marked down summer clothing and snag some new items for fall!

Great deals on brands like Topshop and Zella!

Happy Clearance Shopping!

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