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Feeling A Little Drained

Sorry for the silence this week.

It has been an exhausting past few days for me.

I have been feeling pretty cruddy and working some long hours so I’m desperately trying to keep from getting sick.

Sadly I’m one that when I get tired, I get ill.

So for now I’m focusing on lots of tea and some long nights of sleeping.


My goal is to be back with a Frugal Friday post!

Until then, stay healthy friends!

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BeFrugal Cash Back Site: Frugal Friday

Each Friday I write about something I did, bought, made or didn’t do that helps us continue our frugal life. My goal? To show that being frugal doesn’t have to mean going without or making huge changes. Being frugal is about being mindful and intentional with what we buy, what we make and how we spend our precious time. Why be frugal? Because we work hard for our money and our time is valuable. So why shouldn’t we get the most out of it!

Hooray for making it to Friday!

As the holidays approach I find myself shopping online more. I started doing my Christmas shopping back in August when the back to school sales started.

I will continue my shopping through the holidays and really take advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Sine 95% of my shopping is done online, i’ve become pretty committed to using cash back websites.

BeFrugal was my first cash back website I ever used. I discovered the world of cash back websites from other blogs I follow and from radio commercials (weird I know). I was really hesitant about trying them at first and in all honesty I thought they were a scam for a long time. I finally took the jump and decided to give BeFrugal.com a chance.

BeFrugal and Ebates have similar store options, although I have found BeFrugal to have more participating stores overall. I always check both sites to see which one has the highest percentage payout. I would say 60% of the time BeFrugal is higher by 1-2%.  Another reason I really like BeFrugal is they tend to have more store coupons available which can help save even more money.


Their cash-back offers are normally equal to if not higher then other sites so I find myself using this site more then any other for the specific stores I like to shop at. To date I have earned about $150 in cash back just from doing my normal shopping (gifts, clothing and random house stuff).

Here is an example of my latest shopping cash back:

We needed rugs badly for our house. Not small rugs, but HUGE 8×10 & 9×12 size rugs. Since those are very pricey I decided to wait until a store had a good sale. That sale happen last weekend. World Market had 60% off all rugs sizes 5×8 and larger. They also had an extra 30% off Friends and Family coupon. We found three rugs we liked sizes 5×8, 8×10 & 9×12. The original price of all three rugs combined would have been $2200. With all the coupons and sales they dropped to a total of $690. Since our store had all three available I changed the shipping option to be store pick up and had them all sent to our local store but still ordered them online. I used BeFrugal and earned $38 extra dollars off my final price. Can’t beat saving close to $40 just for clicking a few buttons!

While you might not earn a lot on small purchase, every little bit counts! As the holidays get closer don’t forget to use Befrugal.com or Ebates.com to earn a little extra $ to help stretch that holiday budget!

Money Saved: Like I said above, just with Befrugal I have earned about $150 in cash back. Overall I have earned close to $300+ from both Ebates and Befrugal.

Time Saved: Using these sites doesn’t take much extra time. You log in and search the store you are shopping at. Once you find the store you use the Befrugal site link to return to the store page and complete your checkout.

Happy Friday! Go Save Some Money!

Attention: This post contains affiliate links. This helps support NWseasoning at no extra cost to you.

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Costco: Pre-made Salad Bags

Normally on a Wednesday I would post a review of a book I just finished…

But I have been too busy drinking wine and working in the garden to finish my book.

So I thought I would post about some awesome bag salads I found at Costco.


A few months ago I found these bag salads in the produce area at Costco (aka the freezing cold freezer room where all the veggies are). We are always looking for quick and easy dinners/lunches to help us get through the week. After an eight/ten hour day, gym/fitness class and caring for the pets, it can be hard to muster the energy to cook dinner.

When I found these salads I was overjoyed. One bag costs about $4.50 but they will feed us for one dinner and 1-2 lunches, so they are well worth the money (about $.75 per serving).

The bag on the left is a delicious sesame asian cashew salad and the bag on the right is a cabbage, kale and broccoli super food salad with a creamy slaw dressing.

Both taste great with some roasted chicken or pan fried sausages. We had the asian salad last night with pot stickers (also from Costco). Yum!

If you are ever looking for a healthy and easy salad mix to keep on hand I highly recommend these two. I’m not sure if all Costco locations carry them but I have easily found them at the three Costco’s in our area: Tigard, Wilsonville and Beaverton.

Happy healthy eating & and money saving!

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Frugal Friday: Dealspotr- Earn Gift Cards For Sharing Deals!

Each Friday I write about something I did, bought, made or didn’t do that helps us continue our frugal life. My goal? To show that being frugal doesn’t have to mean going without or making huge changes. Being frugal is about being mindful and intentional with what we buy, what we make and how we spend our precious time. Why be frugal? Because we work hard for our money and our time is valuable. So why shouldn’t we get the most out of it!

Happy Friday Friends!

As many of you know I am all about finding deals and being frugal. It is crazy to think we started our frugal journey over three years ago when my husband and I realized we weren’t being very intentional or smart with our money. We often joke we were just trying to learn how to “adult” which is what led us down the path of trying to managing our money wisely and being as frugal as possible.

One way I have found to continue to be frugal is with online shopping. I started online shopping many years ago, but it has been the past three years I have used it almost exclusively for everything except fresh food. Just to prove it to you I actually haven’t set foot inside (or online for that matter) a Target in 2+ years. I even got the scary, “we are closing your target redcard soon if you don’t come back to us” letter in the mail yesterday.

Since I use the internet so much for shopping I was really excited when I was introduced to a website called Dealspotr.


Now at this point you are probably thinking “Oh great…ANOTHER WEBSITE FOR COUPONS!”

Yes there are a lot out there and yes it can get overwhelming.

That being said this is a good one.

Trust me.

What is Dealspotr?

This is a social networking site designed especially for finding coupon/deals/saving money on your favorite websites and items. They have a feed, much like Facebook, where you can view all the deals for the brands/companies you subscribe to. *Hint: my feed has a lot of coffee, cooking and running gear deals on it*

I highly recommend subscribing to all your favorite stores to increase your chance at finding a great deal/coupon.

Example: Shopping for shoes at GAP? Go to  dealspotr and see what the latest and greatest coupons are for that website or that specific item. This site lets you find the biggest and bestest coupons out there, saving you as much money as possible.


The great thing is that the deals are validated by other shoppers, meaning they can attest that the deal you are looking at actually worked for them and saved them money! This is my favorite part because so often I find coupons but then they don’t work…which is a waste of my precious time and energy.

Most of the top stores/brands are located on this site so the likelihood of finding a coupon for what your shopping for is pretty high.

Earn points for posting deals!

Wait what?

Yes, you read that correctly. You earn points for posting deals. You also earn points for validating and spotting good deals that might go “hot” or “on fire” or pointing out that a deal doesn’t work or has expired (just make sure it actually doesn’t work before reporting it).

The great thing is posting a deal takes only a couple of minutes and you can redeem your points for Amazon gift cards (I love Amazon…).


You earn a $10 gift card for every 10,000 points!

You can get started and earn your first 5,000 points by using my referral link >>CLICK HERE<< and entering the code: NWSEASONING

For posting deals: What I do is check my e-mail in the morning. I get A LOT of e-mails from stores because I do A LOT of shopping online 🙂 Bright and early I check to see what great deals have come through my e-mail and if I think others will like the deal I post it on Dealspotr. After posting my best deals/coupons, I go through the list of already posted deals and spot the ones I think will be “hot”. If the deal I spotted goes “hot” or “on fire” I get a few extra points for spotting it!

For using deals: While I’m shopping around online I always make sure to check to see if there are any coupons/promo codes available for the store or item I am going to buy. If I find a deal and it works, I go back and validate it once I complete my purchase, letting others know the deal works and I saved some $$.

Why use Dealspotr?

The truth is you don’t have to, just like you don’t have to use coupons or shop for in-season produce.

That being said…

You should do all of those things.

Saving money and living a frugal lifestyle is the first step to financial freedom. While I don’t advocate for excessive shopping or purchasing items you don’t need, sometimes you do need to buy something (underwear only lasts so long people). If you are needing to buy something why not get the best deal possible on it. I am a huge advocate for saving money and stretching the budget. Your money is your time. You work long hours for that income being deposited into your bank account, so why not make it last and get the most out of it.

While there are many coupon sites out there, Dealspotr is the first one I have found that rewards you for both using and sharing great deals. I love doing both, so getting rewarded for that is awesome.

As the holiday season approaches let’s all work hard to spend our money wisely and share with others how we do it. There is no reason we all can’t reap the benefits of a great deal or coupon.

Happy Deal Spotting!

Attention: This post contains affiliate links. This helps support NWseasoning at no extra cost to you.

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Two Years

It has been two years since this wonderful day.


Cheers to many more.


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Amazon: Lodge Cast Iron Loaf Pan


As the days get shorter and cooler I find myself cooking a lot more.

Stews, breads, casseroles and baked goods fill our kitchen.

I think it is the feeling of hibernation which drives me to be inside away from the cold and rain.

Back in late summer I started looking for good deals on cast iron cookware. I use cast iron items for two reasons. First, they lasts FOREVER (if you take care of them). Second, they heat evenly which helps my cooking turn out better.

One item I really wanted was a new loaf pan for bread making.


Homemade honey whole wheat. 

At the time Amazon had Lodge cast iron loaf pans for $12 so I scooped up two of them.

Now they are even cheaper!

Lodge L4LP3 Loaf Pan

Price: $10.62 (Regular $15.49)

Happy Baking!

Remember: Amazon prices change quickly and without notice. Check back often for the best deals and snatch them when you can! They are likely to disappear or increase as the item becomes popular! 

Attention: This post contains affiliate links. This helps support NWseasoning at no extra cost to you.

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Portland Perks: Handmade Bike & Beer Festival Oct 7-8, 2016

Yay for fun Portland events!

Check out this Portland Perks deal for the Handmade Bike & Beer Festival!



Price: $29 (Regular Price $50)


The ninth annual Handmade Bike and Beer Festival is a collaboration between the Oregon Bicycle Constructors Association (OBCA) and the Oregon Brewers Guild. This family friendly, event pairs renowned bike frame and parts builders with great, local craft beer.

Show Dates:

Friday-Saturday, October 7-8, 2016

Bike Show Hours:

Friday, Oct 7 from 5pm-9pm
Saturday, Oct 8 from 10am-8pm


  • This offer includes admission to the event!
  • Presenting Sponsor: Point West Credit Union
  • Presented by: Oregon Bicycle Constructor Association and the Oregon Brewers Guild
  • Major Beer Sponsor: Baerlic Brewing Co. Base Camp Brewing Co., Hopworks Urban Brewery, Pyramid Breweries, Widmer Brothers Brewing Co.
  • Beer Sponsor: Falling Sky Brewing


Please print voucher and redeem at The North Warehouse on either October 7th or 8th.


Offer is valid for admission, 2 glasses and 20 drink tickets only.
Must be 21 or older to redeem voucher.
21+ to drink – 1 person per glass – Cash only.
Expires 10/8/16.


North Warehouse 723 N. Tillamook Street
Portland, Oregon, 97227, US
Happy beer drinking and bike looking (no riding)!
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Beaver Football and Apple Sauce

Howdy friends.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! The weather around here was perfect. Around 77 and sunny all weekend long. Can’t beat that for the last weekend in September.

We spent Saturday at the OSU Beaver football game. Sadly OSU lost, but it was still a ton of fun since I haven’t been to a game since graduation in 2011. A bunch of our friends were there and we tailgated and played yard games all afternoon.

On Sunday I spent the day in the garden and picking apples from our tree. I decided to give apple sauce making a try since our tree is dripping with beautiful red apples (I am not sure of the variety but they taste really good).

a ap appl

The apple sauce turned out great! I added pumpkin pie spice to it and a small pinch of brown sugar. It is sweet and spicy and oh so delicious.

Our chickens also had a big day on Sunday when we finally got two eggs!


We have been getting one small egg every three or so days for the past few weeks. Now we will get two small eggs! Basically both eggs together equal a normal size egg but who cares 🙂

Happy Monday!

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Farmers Market: Frugal Friday

Each Friday I write about something I did, bought, made or didn’t do that helps us continue our frugal life. My goal? To show that being frugal doesn’t have to mean going without or making huge changes. Being frugal is about being mindful and intentional with what we buy, what we make and how we spend our precious time. Why be frugal? Because we work hard for our money and our time is valuable. So why shouldn’t we get the most out of it!

Happy Friday!

Yay! We made it!

We have had a long week here at the Lorenzen house so I am very happy the weekend is almost here.

Weekends are valuable time for us. With working full time, fitness schedules and various other activities, it is rare we have a weekend without someone visiting or some event to go to. While our weekends can be slammed full of activities to do, we always try to make it a point to go to the farmers market.


Portland Farmers Market. Photo by WWW.Neighborhoodnotes.com. 

Farmers markets are very popular here in Oregon. Pretty much each town has a farmers market or Saturday market of some kind. Our favorite market is in a neighboring town where we used to live and we go to it almost every weekend.

While farmers market’s may not be a place to save money, I do believe they are worth the cost. At our local market we have three farms that bring fresh produce, a woman who makes soap, an older couple that grow vegetable plant starts, a family that creates beautiful jewelry and a food truck owned by a local guy. Everything is local and all the money stays local.

We try to buy the majority of our fresh food at the market during the spring/summer/fall seasons (what doesn’t now come from the garden). Not only are we supporting our local community, but the food is fresh and we know where it comes from. Another huge draw of the market is that we feel very connected to our community. We know our local farmers and our community members, which helps us feel more integrated into our local economy. I also believe that the more we support our local community the better chance we have of creating a thriving economy.

Another perk of a farmers market is it forces you to cook with what is in season. You are not going to find avocados in April at an Oregon farmers market. I find when I cook with what is in season I surprise myself with new and inventive recipes. It also helps us discover delicious food we never knew about.

While the purpose of Frugal Friday is to highlight time and money saving activities/tips, I also believe in giving back to our local community and supporting our “home base”. While apples might be on sale for $.99lb at Safeway, I am willing to pay $1.25 if I know my apples were grown in the orchard behind my house. Promoting a healthy, sustainable community has a ripple effect and it can help influence other areas such as education, employment and overall community health. While the term “Buy Local” might be over used, it does promote the healthy practice of supporting those around us to create a thriving community and sustainable economy.

Money Saved: The prices at our market are about the same as the grocery store. During certain seasons the food is cheaper like apples in the fall and lettuce in the summer.

Time Saved: We don’t spend any extra time going to the market as it is right by the grocery store we frequent.

Happy Shopping!

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Thursday Vibes

Sorry for the silence and lack of posts. This week has been widely busy!

My goal?

Make it through today and tomorrow in once piece!


Happy Friday Eve

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